Saturday, 7 July 2012

Teacher Gift

Finally I get to post my special project i was working on last week... It is a wreath made out of crayons...  I first saw this idea of Pinterest, and eventually found a video on You Tube on how to make this wreath...  You can find more information over at - please remember that this was not my original idea - i just cased (Copy And Share with Everyone) it - I just want to make sure that I give credit where credit is due!!

I thought it would be such a lovely gift for Aiden's teacher - and needless to say, she absolutely loved it...

This is such an easy and simple project - all you need is 2 boxes of crayons (48 crayons in total), an 8 inch wide circle with a 5 inch circle cut out of the middle (this is your base), and a glue gun...

And then you start the glueing process:

And voila - you have the most beautiful crayon wreath - all i added was a piece of yellow ribbon to hang it on the door or on the wall, and an apple to hide the the ribbon piece i glued onto the wreath...  I've seen so many different ways that people have decorated their wreaths and i was going to add some pictures and words,  but i decided (with the help of Karen & Michelle) to stick to the plain version...

When my husband first saw the wreath, he couldn't understand how i could use all the "good" crayons, but how can i use "used" crayons - just wouldn't be the same!!!


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