Monday, 17 September 2012

Washi Tape

I have a new product that has triggered my interest - Washi Tape...  I had no clue what this was, but every blog that i read and every crafty website i've been on, i've read about Washi tape - so of course i had to search high and low to find washi tape locally...  A while ago i was looking for Bakers twine as well, and i found a lady named Cathy, who lives in Stellenbosch - she has her own stationery design studio at home where she makes the most beautiful stationery - go check it out:

I was so excited to find out that not only does she sell bakers twine, but she also has washi tape...  So on Friday Michelle and I visited her studio to "shop", and i got the most divine washi tape - here's a little preview of what i bought:

For those who don't know (yet): washi tape is like masking tape, but just much "prettier"... Cathy showed us some projects that she's made using washi tape - oh my word, the possibilities are endless...  You can stick pictures to the wall, and when you're bored with those pictures, just pull it off, and the washi tape comes right off - no damage to the wall - it's amazing....  You can use it on presents, instead of ribbon - it looks so pretty...

Of course i'll be using it on some scrapbooking layouts, and another thing i want to try to make is bunting - i saw the most beautiful little bunting line - i can just picture this in my crafting space...  I also saw a picture where somebody used the washi tape to cover wooden pegs - this is so awesome!!!  You can stick a little piece of magnet on the back, and you'll have the most beautiful fridge magnets..   So many ideas - so little time...

Anyway, as soon as i've made my first "washi project", i will be sure to post it here and share the awesomeness with everybody....


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