Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Scrapbook Pages

I wanted to share some pictures of scrapbook pages i've done...  It was my cousin, Sharon, who got me into scrapbooking, and now i'm addicted...  I love buying ready made kits from my local scrapbooking shop, but every now and then i also love creating my own pages...  I find it relaxing, and once the creative juices start flowing, there's just no stopping me - we all have that one thing that we love to do, and this is definitely mine...  Don't ask me to go running or cycling, I will cry!!!  But this, I can sit for hours and do this...

We have a gazillion baby pictures from when Aiden was born, and I've been wanting to use them to make some lay outs, but i just don't get round to doing it...  This was one of the very first ones I did  - paper and embellishments from the Making Memories Pitter Patter Range:

I've also entered a couple of scrapping competitions - this was the first competition I entered - you got a pack with a couple of different colours of paper, some embellishments and a page map, and you had to come up with your own design - this is what I did, and I won:

The other competition I entered was based on 2-4-6-8-10 - you were allowed to use 2 pages, 4 colours, 6 bling / brads, 8 letter title & 10 point journalling...  I sat for days thinking about this one, trying to come up with something to do, but eventually I came up with this - i won this competition as well:

This one was definitely one of my favourite lay outs I've done so far... 

I'll share some more scrapbook pages another time...


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